Instagram rounds is a service that boosts posts to get ranked on hashtags and on the explore page. Achieving this often makes posts get viral which can lead to gaining a huge amount of followers if done correctly.

By far in 2017, this is the BEST way to grow an Instagram account organically.

It will not only help you grow your Instagram in the fastest way possible, but will also give your page huge exposure which can be helpful for getting promotions/product images ranked and get reached by people all the way from 5000 to even up to 5 million reach in only one post.


How do rounds work?

Rounds can be done on the Telegram app manually. There are plenty of round groups with thousands of people in them. They are really strict and often the best groups requires a fee to join.


Are there typical round group rules?

Yes! Most round groups tend to have really strict rules. To be in one group, several rules need to be followed in order to avoid getting banned:

  • You have to like latest picture posted by all participants in the round in 1 hour (Avg. being 500-2000 pictures depending on how many rounds you join and who joins the round).
  • Drop usernames 20-30 minutes before starting a round.
  • Have an account with a certain amount of followers ready (some groups require an account with 20k, 50k, or even 100k followers) to like all the thousands of accounts, if not, you can’t join (not all groups require this).
  • & some even require you to get at least 2000 likes in 1 photo per day in order to be in the group. If you don’t get it, your account could get banned.


How to join a group?

To join a group you need to contact someone that is already member of the group and ask that person for an invite link. Then the owner can choose to accept the invitation or not. Sometimes to accept you, they will ask for a fee.


What do we do?

We will drop your Instagram username in 8, if not, more exclusive round groups. After subscribing to one of our plans we will ask you for 3 times you want to post per day.

Then we will deliver up to 1000 likes in the first hour of the round so your posts get ranked.

We have a plan where we drop your username on normal groups ($19 per month), a plan where we drop your username on both normal groups AND powerlike groups ($297 per month), and a plan where we drop you on our private 100k-2m powerlike group ($497 per month).

If you don’t already know, powerlikes are groups where ONLY 20k, 50k, and 100k++ accounts are involved in. This way, you will also get likes from these huge accounts which will 20x your chances of getting ranked.

This is because 1 like from a 100k active account, is way more powerful than 1 like from a normal account.

Another thing we do for you is to like all thousands of pictures from each group for you with different accounts. The reason we do this with different accounts is to make sure you don’t have any risks of getting banned on groups. Not only that, but to also make sure your Instagram account doesn’t get shadow banned or violates any Instagram terms.