By using our service you can expect to grow MUCH faster than you do when doing any other Instagram growing strategies. However, it really depends on the account you are going to be doing the service with, and of course, the actions you take.

To show some examples, @litetravels is one that was growing at a pace of 45.000+ followers per month not so long ago.

To show some realistic examples, @luxhustler is an account that uses powerlike rounds and is gaining an average of 18.000+ followers per month.

Another example is @artballer, which is a brand new account which got ranked on plenty of hashtags and reached 1.3 million people on Instagram wiht ONLY 1 ranked post. This got the account about 2200+ followers in less than 2 days!

Joining rounds and power like groups is definitely the way to go in 2017.

Results like this won’t happen by ONLY doing rounds though. You need to realize that there are 3 important factors for getting posts ranked on hashtags. These are the following:

  1. Post really eye catching posts by using “viral” type of photos and an eye-catching description with emojis
  2. Do hashtag research for each and every post, use the staircase method for research, and DON’T use more than 29 hashtags per post
  3. Use round services to make 1 and 2 work extremely well!


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