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What are Rounds & Powerlikes?

Instagram rounds is a service that boosts posts to get ranked on hashtags and on the explore page. Achieving this often makes posts get viral which can lead to gaining a huge amount of followers if done correctly. By far in 2017, this is the BEST way to grow an Instagram account...

How Fast will you Grow with Our Service?

By using our service you can expect to grow MUCH faster than you do when doing any other Instagram growing strategies. However, it really depends on the account you are going to be doing the service with, and of course, the actions you take. To show some examples, @litetravels is one that...

About us

Explora Media is a highly reputable Social Media Marketing Agency. Our main focus being, Instagram.

We are 3 young men from Norway and United Kingdom who have been studying the art of Social Media for several years.

With our knowledge and experience we have been able to identify and analyse exactly how the Instagram algorithm works, and how we can use our knowledge to help your business receive the traffic and leads that you desire.